Week 9 Status Report


Great progress this week. I have posted all my materials and have started a top-down review of all research, attack vectors, and transition pages.  I’ve finished editing, producing, and publishing the three videos.  I have asked several peers to review the website and provide feedback on grammar and sentence structure.  I’ve made several edits based on their feedback.  It’s actually been great re-reviewing sections that where originally created in the first few weeks of class.  As my knowledge has grown several edits have been necessary to ensure good flow and consistency between pages.

I’m currently torn with a desire to include a great deal more content, and feeling pleased with the amount of work and content that I have.  Nevertheless the project has been fun and quite educational.  I’ve also developed a few relationships in the process with people from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Kali Linux, and the creator of Wireshark.

I look forward to the Capstone Fair!

Deliverable Tasks

  • Produced SSLStrip & Wireshark videos
  • Added visuals around MitM attacks
  • Added assumptions on the attack to the about the attack page
  • Developed  transition pages for The Components, The Attack, Preparing, and Execution

Forecasted Tasks

  • Attend Captstone Fair

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