Week 8 Status Report


It’s all in the details!!  The amount of work necessary to clean up the details consumed the majority of the week.  After successfully publishing the page for the Wireshark attack I started a top-down review of my project, pages, status reports, research, etc.  In an effort to focus on the mundane I converted all the APA citations to Footnotes.  I would have never guessed the length of time it took to convert the citations and add the HTML markup.  I’m glad I decided to start the cleanup early.

The recording of both the Wireshark attack and the SSLStrip attack took a good amount of time as well.  After several retakes I’m finally happy with my results.  The focus this week will be on producing the videos and posting them on the website.  In addition there are several transition pages that need to be drafted and published.

My goal is to have the project primarily complete by next Monday.  This will give me a solid 4 days to review, tweak, and edit the site for any errors before the capstone fair.  This semester has been the fastest semester yet.  I’m sure happy I had so much fun during the process.

Deliverable Tasks

  • Continue the creation of draft visuals for website
  • Publish Wireshark attack vector
  • Recorded SSLStrip attack video
  • Recorded Wireshark attack video
  • Added footnote citations

Forecasted Tasks

  • Edit and produce SSLStrip & Wireshark videos
  • Create informative visual around MitM attacks
  • Post assumptions on the attack description
  • Develop all transition pages – The Components, The Attack, Preparing, and Execution
  • Continue to proof and apply updates to all research pages

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