Week 7 Status Report


The project is really starting to come together. I have almost all draft information posted, and have refined my Home, Preparing the Attack, and About Me pages. I spent a good deal of time adding several graphics around SLLStrip. With a little refinement this section will be complete this week. The Wireshark attack draft is complete and will be posted on the site this week. I’m very excited that I have also recorded my introduction video and have published the finished product. I hope to record and publish two more this week.

One area that I did not scope in my project outline was an area to describe MitM attacks. I think this is necessary to transition from the History pages to the Preparing and Executing pages.  Additional graphics are needed to better communicate the process. This is additional work that I originally did not originally plan on. With only two weekends left and a total of three weeks before the Capstone fair I plan on having the finished product by the end of the week.

Please note that I am still behind on my reading. I have caught up with my previous weeks reading, but with the limited time I could not fully catch up with the current week.

Deliverable Tasks

  • Posted step-by step process on executing the SSLStrip attack
  • Drafted Wireshark attack
  • Finished Home/Introduction
  • Finished About Me
  • Finished Preparing the Attack
  • Posted finished introduction video

Forecasted Tasks

  • Continue the creation of draft visuals for website
  • Publish executing the attack – Wireshark
  • Record SSLStrip Attack
  • Record Wireshark Attack

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