Week 5 Status Report


This was a soft but good week.  I had a family emergency that took all my time up during the week and only left the weekend to accomplish my task list.  That said, I am very pleased with my draft on preparing for the attack.  This involves setting up the Raspberry Pi, downloading Kali Linux, installing, updating, and configuring.  This draft also includes the majority of the visuals I plan on using for the webpages.  This has put me in good standing with my goal to start draft visuals.  I also finished my draft research pages.  However, I hope to have some extra time at the end of my project to make the research more robust.  I know this is not the focus of my project.  I am starting to hope that the work I have done may be used by others on the internet as a reliable resource.

Please note that I am still behind on my reading.  I have caught up with my previous weeks reading, but with the limited time I could not fully catch up with the current week.

Deliverable Tasks

  • Finish history/research pages
  • Start to publish draft research pages on website
  • Create How-To – Preparing the attack – draft
  • Start draft visuals

Forecasted Tasks

  • Create How-To – Executing the attack – Draft
  • Continue the creation of draft visuals for website
  • Publish draft pages to website

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