Week 2 Status Report


This week was another productive week.  I great deal of my time was spent planning my project on MS Project.  I quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of work that included research on the Raspberry PI, Kali Linux, and Wireshark.  My main goal is to provide an extensive tutorial on the penetration attack.  Since the core of my project will consume a great deal of my time I must start my research early, and focus only on the educational benefits.  Knowing that I will enjoy the research I cannot let myself get bogged down with it.  I also want to produce a few videos on the attack to present during the virtual capstone fair.  I have given myself only one weekend to accomplish this, this concerns me.  With that said, visual aids are going to be essential in the process.  I need to make sure I spend time creating these along the way.

Deliverable Tasks

  • Interview with professor
  • Submit Project Proposal
  • Plan and scope full project on MS Project
  • Learn Camtasia
  • Research APA footnote method/syntax
  • Research WordPress footnote plugins
  • Research WordPress backup solutions

Forecasted Tasks

  • Design website layout
  • Purchase backup hardware
  • Implement website backup plan
  • Develop research outline for PI, Kali, Wireshark, MiM
  • Publish Home/Introduction page on website

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