Understanding the Security Within

BrettHansenMy name is Brett Hansen and I’m passionate about security, technology, and education.  I have worked in and out of the IT field dabbling in security and protection systems.  In a desire to learn more about the security field and seeking a higher level of education I sought out a degree from Walsh College in Information Assurance.  This was not an easy decision for me due to the finical and monetary investment.  However, I knew Walsh College was right for me when they offered online courses that are accredited by the National Security Agency.

This desire soon turned into a passion for White Hat Hacking and using my time to help others understand potential weakness in security solutions.  Over the last five years of my education I have practiced the art of password hacking, Man in the Middle attacks, wireless penetration, and many other attack vectors that involve the everyday home user.  This website is a demonstration of only a few attack vectors that can not only impact a business, but home users as well.  With the growth of technology, the internet, and the reality of More’s Law the landscape of security is dynamically changing.  Problems that used to only impact IT Managers, Security Analysis, and Information Officers are now impacting everyday people.   This can be seen with the very recent reported breaches at Target, Adobe, Snapchat, and even the New York Times.

I have also provided information around the history of some of the tools used in these attacks.  I am fascinated with the evolution of Free Open and Source Software (FOSS) and the impact it has on several technology communities.  The Open Source movement has given power to everyday people like me access to software that make projects like these possible.  I also have a great deal of respect for those who donate their time to benefit others and receive little to no credit in the process.

I hope you have enjoyed this project and have learned a little bit on how to leverage the Raspberry Pi as a penetration tool.  Please feel free to connect with me and provide me feedback on your experience.