Week 1 Status Report


This week was a very productive week. Time was invested on project planning with a focus on learning MS Project.  During this time several project management concepts also had to be researched. The majority of the time was attributed to narrowing my focus on the project goals, developing the project scope, and planning the first few weeks on MS Project.

Deliverable Tasks

  • Take Microsoft online MS Project tutorial courses
  • Start research on APA footnote standards
  • Meeting with Professor
  • Develop risk assessment draft
  • Draft first two weeks of project on MS Project
  • Passed draft of Project Proposal to peer for review

Forecasted Tasks

  • Learn APA method of proper footnoting for website citation
  • Plan out remainder of project on MS project
  • Ask Work Peers to review my Project Plan and ask for input
  • Incorporate feedback from Professor & Peers and finalize Project Proposal

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